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About Us

Qingdao Dragonstone  Co., Ltd.

Dragonstone History:

Dragonstone -- Marble & Granite supplier
Dragonstone company is founded on May 29, 2002.

The products update trajectory starts from Granite products, which enable us to firmly occupy a place in the European market, establish a strategic partnership with our customers.
Products including slabs, garden engineering stones, all kinds of unique shape of granite production and processing.  

So we can do water fountains, sculptures, mailboxes, gravestones, counter top stones, wall panels, paving stones, roadside stones...
Later, we gradually expanded the production line , design and produce marble products with our rich experience.
So we processed slabs, tiles, wall panels and corner lines.

Then we started to design and produce Mosaic since 2015.
There are twice new designs come out every year, which will be shown during Covering in America and Marmo mac in Italy.



Our quarry:

We are quarry owner and cooperator of more than 10 quarrys, which in China ( Shandong, Liaoning, Fujian, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Shanxi ), Italy, Turkey, Spain, Israel and Egypt.

Main material: marble, limestone (bluestone), granite, basalt, slate, porphyry, diabas ...

We always try our best to select blocks from the same quarry,  and insist on using the same whole block to cutting products for one order, which can make sure the coherence of the whole order.


Main products:

1.Marble mosaic. (self design & customer special request)

2.Marble tiles. (simple finishing & special designed finishing)

3.Glass mosaic. (with stone attached or with marble combinated )

4.Ledger panels

5.Marble skirting line

6.Granite products ( like fountain, sculptures, mailboxes, gravestones, counter top stones... )

7.Bluestone products (Chinsese bluestone , belgium bluestone )




A whole production line for slabs,

5 Dragon Diamond Gangsaws imported from Italy,

2 Automatic 16heads Polishing Lines,

10 infrared trimming Bridge cutter,

10 water-jet machines,

6 granite Circular Saws,

1 CNC wiresaw,

10 manual polisher,

2 Thickness control machine,

2 stone tumbled machine,

3 wall corner pencil production machine,

6 horizontal splitter etc..


Products inspection :

We have gotten the ISO9001, CE, Own quarry exploitation certificate for quality control system. 


We always try our best to select blocks from the same quarry, and insist on using the same whole block to cutting products for one order, which can make sure the coherence of the whole order. 

There are around 100 experienced workers and 7 specialized inspectors in our company to make sure all the products in good quality .

After each cutting, we will do inspection and color selection from the goniometry, photometry, flatnesss, thickness, mending and so on.
Then we will unify the serial numbers according to the color selection.

It’s our will that never sale out the unqualified products.


Our packaging :

Package is the most important link for the protection and transportation of our stone products.

We have invest a big fund to bulid our own wooden packing workshop, with the special works .

There is a series of cut to size packing forms been readied, such as wooden crates, plywood cases, PVC boxes, wooden bundles, wooden pallets and so on.

We can provide the most suitable & safest packing for our products .



Stone Fair :

We attend Coverings in America, Marmo mac in Italy and Xiamen Fair in China every year.



We always have much passion to show and introduce our new designs to our customers all around the world.
We sincerely believe that each style and design has the most suitable owner.

It’s wonderful that more and more customers begin to know us and trust us .

Don’t hesitate if you also enjoy this beautiful work, cooperate with us and do things together.



Our Goal:

Always design and produce the amazing products to meet more cooperator.

So every year, we will show Dragonstone New Design series at least twice.
All the customers can see the good quality through the real products by order or on Fair .


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